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The site’s potential for new encounters and imaginings is explored within The Wind Tunnel Project’s six week programme. The Royal College of Art’s MA Students from the School of Humanities examine the site many facets to produce a series of podcasts and material woven into the physical and online experience.

Guitarist and composer Jonny Greenwood joins the London Contemporary Orchestra for a performance inside the colossal R52. Decades after their founder helped design Q121, Farnborough Symphony Orchestra returns there to perform “From Bach to Britten.’ Writer Susan Schuppli and artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan present a performative lecture that unpicks the sonic impact of drone surveillance delving into the archives of FAST. Through the intimacy and ritual of dining, concept chef and artist, Caroline Hobkinson creates a multi sensory seven course aerobanquet relaying the dream of flying.

Jonny Greenwood and
London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists

Selected as part of a carefully curated programme of events taking place during The Wind Tunnel Project, Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead lead guitarist) and The London Contemporary Orchestra will perform cues from ‘There Will Be Blood’, ‘Norwegian Wood’ and ‘The Master’, plus new material by Greenwood, alongside works by Bach, Xenakis, Purcell and LCO Composer-in-Association Edmund Finnis in the 1917 wind tunnel, with acoustics that will bring the space and it’s heritage to life. A one-off performance specially created for the inaugural year of the project, tickets are expected to sell fast.

Saturday 14th June / 8pm

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The Dream of Sonic Tastebuds

A workshop for foodies! Learn about the process of setting up a banquet and the inspiration behind a menu. The artist will talk you through how to modulate flavour through sound, scent and touch as well as a practical insight into project management, providing you with a range of tips to create a unique banquet of your own.

Tuesday 17th June / 6pm

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The Dream of Flying Banquets

A workshop about food rituals and symbolism in different religions, cultures and ages. Eating is one of the most intimate ways to interact with our environment. Learn about how food is used in Art and Literature and the ephemeral nature of food, which inspired the Artist’s installation in the wind tunnels.

Wednesday 18th June / 6pm

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The Dream of Flying –
A gastro geographical Aerobanquet

For 3 consecutive nights we dine in the air return duct of the 24ft, 1935 wind tunnel with the ghost of the past hidden in the layers of history. Using cross modal sense stimulation and locally sourced food, Artist Caroline Hobkinson will host an aerobanquet that tells the story of the Dream of Flying in 7 courses.

19th, 20th and 21st June / 7pm

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Open Air Cinema by Luna Cinema - The Aviator

Directed by Martin Scorsese and nominated for 11 Academy awards, The Aviator depicts the true story of aviation pioneer, Howard Hughes who successfully flew around the world in four days. Screened on the external facade of 1935 wind tunnel Q121, the film and the setting will make for a perfect summer evening.

Friday 27th June / 8pm

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On the Rainbow Plane
- James Bridle

Artist, writer, publisher and technologist, James Bridle will give a talk on his installation ‘Rainbow Plane 001’ at Farnborough. His talk will delve into his wider research on the relationships between the public understanding of technology and networks, and the classification of people and things performed by technologies. He will explore the embedded politics, from the technological gaze to data shadows, immigration, deportation, and rendition.

Saturday 5th July / 3pm

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Speed of Sound - Aerodynamics and experimental acoustics

Speed of Sound interprets a history of aero-acoustic advancement through a half-day of talks and performances reactiviating the decommissioned space of Q121 and remarkable air return duct. Manipulation o acoustics plays an important role for twenty-first centure developments in aviation and experimental music. Investigating ideas of noise and turbulence, and approaches to sensing and recording, this event converges findings in aerodynamics and experimental sound practices as invited artists and speakers engage with the physical uses of sound.

By Susanna Davies-Crook with Emily Beber, Natasha Chubbuck & Alastair Frazer

Sunday 6th July / 4pm - 9pm

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From Bach to Britten
- The Strings of the Farnborough Symphony Orchestra

In collaboration with The Wind Tunnel Project, Farnborough Symphony Orchestra is embarking on a new venture to perform a concert in the historic 24ft wind tunnel on the old Royal Aircraft Establishment site. FSC Founder, Sir Ben Lockspeiser, was amongst those involved in the design of the 24ft tunnel. Decades on, the FSC are delighted to be performing in this unique venue, treating guests to music from the baroque purity of Bach, via the classical delicacy of Mozart, to the dynamic twentieth century sounds of Britten; all in one night!

Saturday 12th July / 7.45pm

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The Sonic Dimension of Life Under Drones - Susan Schuppli, Tom Tlaim and Lawrence Abu Hamdan

“It is a queer experience, lying in the dark and listening to the zoom of a hornet which may at any moment sting you to death. It is a sound that interrupts cool and consecutive thinking about peace. Yet it is a sound—far more than prayers and anthems—that should compel one to think about peace.” From: Virginia Woolf “Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid”, October 21 1940

Sunday 13th July / 3pm - 4pm

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